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Brian Obillo, PGA
PGA Head Golf Professional
Pinewood Country Club

How did you get into golf?
My father and uncle introduced me to the game of Golf by bringing me to the practice range and to the golf course at an early age.  My father mowed down two greens 50 yards apart in the backyard of my house and I would play back and forth for hours every day. 

Who would you identify as your mentor and/or individual you credit for your passion for golf and the industry?
My first job at the age of 12 working at a golf course. My PGA Head Golf Professional, Peter Norton, helped lead me into being a PGA Member and a head golf professional.  I am who I am because of the 10 years of working under him. 

What are the obstacles you've overcome during your journey in the golf industry?
The only obstacle I've had to overcome is perception of being a PGA Member due to my race.  There are not many Asain Pacific PGA golf professionals.  We see them on the PGA and LPGA Tour but not much in the golf industry. 

What would be your message to others like yourself, who are on the fence when considering a career in the golf?
I would like to say to others on the fence, getting into the career of golf, don't let your race determine whether or not you get into the business. Instead be a mentor for future golfers by introducing them to the game of golf.  

What would be your dream foursome?
My dream foursome would be Francis Quiment, Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods.